University and and Field Training Course

The group from University of Wolverhampton (UoW) conduced a training course in Great Britain from 26th June to 8th July 2017. It included visiting labs, doing field research, management strategies, flooding management, eutrophication and freshwater ecosystems, conservation and sustainability, online learning opportunities, water resources and water management, assessment methods and water parameters, shore ecology, evaluation of results. 

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PC EU training course

Aristotele University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) organised a PC EU training course for 22 participants at the School of Civil Engineering, UNESCO Chair on "Sustainable Management of Water and Conflict Resolution from 24th April to 5th May 2017. The goal was the enhancement of the teaching and knowledge potential to create an Industry-Academia Task Force (IATF) and the modernization of teaching resources. The minutes provide description, schedule, presentations and participants. The results covered training of academic staff from the PC universities and industry, demonstration of teaching environment and facilities and demonstration of lab infrastructure, utilitised software and hardware, and equipment.

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Activities of Project Partners (2016-2017)

Besides regular home meetings of institutional working groups at all project partner universities and regular networking of trans-institutional working groups between all project partners several meetings, visits and seminars and round tables took place.

Summary incl. places, dates and number of participants (pdf file)

18 February 2017 · Meeting

Meeting and Workshop at Altai State University, Barnaul

The meeting with 24 participants took place at Altai State University from 13 - 18 February 2017.


Dr. BA Krasnoyarova, Dr. JI Vinokurov, SN Sharabarina: Institutional Paradigm of TWRM in the Irtysh River Basin (pdf file)

LH Akbaeva, LN Gumilyov: The Conceptual Framework for Transboundary Water Management (pdf file)

N Jherebiatieva, VY Khoroshavin: The strategy for the Industry-Academia Learning Partnerships (IALP) building (pdf file)


The minutes summarize attendees, programme, outcomes and main decisions (pdf)


Implementation Report

Presentation: Implementation Report.

Report on the implementation of the project: Trans-Regional Environmental Awareness for Sustainable Usage of Water Resources (TREASURE-WATER)

presentation (pdf file)


The Overall Management Strategy

Project management structure. Please click to enlarge.

The document describes work packages, roles of the partners, responsibilities and which organisations are leading in the several tasks.

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Quality Plan

The project's quality plan lists all activities, at which level they operate, what is envisaged and responsible persons.

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Quality Assurance

Internal and external control for quality assurance of the project. (Please click to enlarge)

Comparative Analysis of Quality Assurance and Control in RF, KZ and EU

Comparative analysis of quality assurance and quality management of educational product in the professional development system in RZ, KZ and EU (2017)

In the Report, the main legislation documents regulating educational services provision in Russia and Kazakhstan are considered in a comparative aspect. The key similarities and difference are analysed in the forms and instruments of internal and external quality monitoring of training courses, quantitative parameters of the courses, their forms and official languages of delivery and assessment, types of service providers and learning outcomes control.

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Dissemination and Sustainability Plan

The plan lists all channels, activities and forms in which each of the project partners and working groups are acting to spread the outcomes of the projects and to grant sustainability of measures.  

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Monitoring of the Project

Quality control and regular monitoring is an integral part of the project implementation. The methodology for quality control and monitoring was discussed at several events in 2016.

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Participation in International Conferences (2016)

Between May and October 2016 people of the TREASURE WATER Research Consortium attended six international conferences and seminars.

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29 July 2016 · Results

Decisions Made in the Videoconference

Some of the participants of the videoconference (please clic to enlarge). Photo: TyuSU

On 21st June 2016 39 participants from eight project partner institutions discussed via videoconference the next steps to be taken concerning

  • round off project relevant information and lists of inter-university working groups
  • agendas for the working groups involved
  • development of training courses
  • creation of databases
  • dissemination.

read about all decisions in the minutes (pdf)

27 May 2016 · Results

Field-Monitoring Visit in Astana

On April 19th the EACEA Project Officer, Ms. Paivi Hernesniemi from Brussels, and the Director of National Erasmus+ Office Kazakhstan, Mrs. Shaizada Tasbulatova, met and discussed the progress of Capacity Building activities in Kazakhstan with several local representatives and also the Russian Local coordinator in the premises of L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan. Hernesniemi and Tasbulatova are pleased that the project has started dynamically and that the project activities are taken place in timely manner. The team has started several important activities, including collection of materials for database, E-catalogue among others. The monitoring confirms that project management and communication are in place and are functioning effectively. The letter from the EACEA Project Officer summarizing the results was sent to all project partners.

31 March 2016 · Meeting

Kick-off Meeting

Kick-off meeting in Tyumen. Image: TREASEURE WATER (please klick to enlarge)

Project participants met at the Regional Institute for International Cooperation at Tyumen State University (TSU) in Tyumen, Russia, in March 2016. From 9th to 13th they coordinated further collaboration, introduced project management and visited the TSU field station on Lake Lukashino.


Dr. Galina V Telegina: Project Erasmus+ Trans-Regional Environmental Awareness for
Sustainable Usage of Water Resources (TREASURE-WATER)
(pdf file)

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09 March 2016 · Meeting

Kick-off: Agenda

Project participants will meet at the Regional Institute for International Cooperation at Tyumen State University (TSU) in Tyumen, Russia, from March 9 to 13, 2016 to

  • coordinate further collaboration
  • introduce project management and
  • visit the TSU field station on Lake Lukashino.

Details: please download the whole programm (pdf file)